While it was my first official shoot, I was very lucky to have lovely couple on the other day. As the couple was so beautiful, I was pleased with results of the photos. Thanks for giving me the awesome opportunity to work with you. I learnt a lot from you on that day. Although it was quite a long day shooting the wedding, I absolutely enjoyed the whole day working with Ash and Marty. Lastly, I want to let you know that I will be always available for any future courses. I will be happy to participate in any of courses offered from you. Have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon. ” – Alicia on May 6, 2016.


 Thanks Ash for organising the meet up this weekend. Was really nice to meet lovely and bunch of nice photographers and model. We look forward to the next meet up. ” – Brian and Lemona on May 18, 2015.

Brian and Lemona

 Thanks for hosting an excellent Meetup at Surfer’s Paradise this morning. It was great to work with such a great model in one of the world’s best locations. You provided some excellent information on the use of Speedlights and Neutral Density Filters. I look forward to the next Meetup you arrange! Cheers” – Craig King on May 3, 2015.

Craig King

 Loved it. Would highly recommend ” – Elke on Aug 28, 2017.


 Yep great couple of hours plus, it was very worthwhile and has encouraged me to go back to Lightroom and try it out yet again.. thanks Ash ” – Joe Jansen on Apr 18, 2015.

Joe Jansen

 I attended the first meet up for the Pro-digital meet up group. Thanks to Ash it was an enjoyable night. He was organised, helpful and always available. One of the best things was that he showed examples of the photos we were trying to achieve when explaining how to take them. I learned something new on the night and that is what it is all about. ” – Keith on Apr 3, 2015.


 I totally enjoyed the session. Ash was very informative, helpful and organized. I agree with all the comments made below. I look forward to many more meetups with Ash” – Beryl on Apr 13, 2015.

Liz B

 Thanks Ash for today’s course, was very I formative and I will be looking to do a city lights course with you in e future. I have order a polarised filter and a ND filter kit of eBay tonight. Thanks again, Mark ” – Mark Stansfield on Aug 16, 2015.

Mark Stansfield

 Met lovely people and had a great time learning useful knowledge about shooting landscape pictures with my iPhone 🙂 Thanks for your patience and sharing. ” – Mia Jiang on Aug 18, 2015.

Mia Jiang

 Very interesting review of light rooms new features will definitely try out some of the features covered Also interesting to talk about how each of us manage our files would definitely do another Lightroom or photoshop class with this meetup many thanks ” – Mirre Jennings on Apr 25, 2015.

Mirre Jennings

 Thank you Ash, it was really great meeting with well-wishing and open minded people. The organization has been at the highest level. I was happy to take part in amazing course with historical idea and beautiful model. ” – Nadya Shevtsova on May 16, 2016.


 Really good. Would be good for a little more training on the situation/ location shooting. ie. what would you do if this happened? Trouble shooting for this type of problem? ” – Naomi Rowlands on May 16, 2016.

Naomi Rowlands

 Many thanks for the tutorial session Ash, I had a great time in the city learning about the nuances of long exposures and how to capture those dazzling city views. Looking forward to attending more courses, particularly on light theory. ” – Stephen on Jul 3, 2017.


 Enjoyable and interesting review of the new features in light room which i look forward to using in the future. Also very interesting to see how other people handle their files and post processing . look forward to more meetup with Ash on light room and photo shop ” – Steve Bissett on Apr 25, 2015.

Steve Bissett

 Excellent ” – Stewart on Apr 12, 2015.


 Thanks Ash, enjoyed the shoot today, nice to meet an enthusiastic group of photographers, I found you very helpful and informative, and look forward to more meet ups ” – Terry Ann Moore on May 3, 2015.

Terry Ann Moore

 I attended the first ever Digital Photography Meetup group.. It was fantastic. Ash shared an abundance of valuable information which has helped me regain my enthusiasm and understanding of my camera and settings.. I have now enrolled in more sessions with Ash as I am sure to learn more.. A great group and we had a lot of fun together also. Tracey ” – Tracey Lowe on Apr 1, 2015.

Tracey Lowe

 Thanks Ash for a great meet up today and thanks for loaning me a speed light. Explained all the techno stuff as well as doing demos and learnt heaps. Really enjoyed this morning and look forward to the next one. ” – Vincent & Catherine on May 3, 2015.

Vincent & Catherine