1-On-1 Private Photography Courses

Our One-to-One courses are delivered to you as an individual rather than a group. These tuitions allow for a more personalized approach to learning and can be tailored to suit your specific needs, interests and skill level. Whether you are a complete novice or wanting to learn more advanced techniques, we can help you to understand the basics, answer your questions and spend valuable time guiding you as you take photos and advise you on the results. A major advantage of our one-on-one course is that it offers the perfect platform for raising queries that you have been seeking answers for and are unable to find researching online or watching videos on YouTube. It’s like having your own personal trainer that caters to your taste and instantly answers all your questions. These sessions are conducted in Brisbane City but for convenience, we can even come to your home, or a location of your choice (within 30Kms. of Brisbane). Also if you have a friend who would like to attend, we even offer 2-on-1 courses.