DSLR Photography Course (3 hrs.)



Duration: 3 hrs.
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Location: Brisbane City



Have you recently purchased a new DSLR or a digital camera and have no clue how it works? or have had one for some time, but you never took it off the “Auto” mode because you’re not sure how to take full creative control of it. Do feel your photos lack that wow factor? No matter what type of camera you have, you can learn how to improve your photos with this great short photography course for beginners. In this course, we will teach you how to take stunning photos while exploring various photographic techniques. You will learn some advanced composition skills and be given an understanding of how to shoot under different lighting conditions. This is an advanced learning course made easy for beginners, without any of the technical jargon.


We’ll help you to understand your DSLR and show you how to get off that “Auto” mode and start using your camera more creatively and effectively. It’s the perfect starting point if you’re new to photography or even a good refresher course to understand different camera modes and settings.


• Difference between types of cameras (full-frame vs crop vs micro 4/3).
• Megapixels, Resolution and Image Sizes.
• RAW files v JPEG files and which one to use and when.
• Learn where the magic happens with your Shooting Modes: Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual.
• Metering Modes and How to Use Them.
• Mastering Focus Modes – Autofocus, Autofocus Continuous and Manual Focus (so you never miss a shot again!).
• Depth Of Field – Learn to create beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds (or front to back sharpness for your landscapes!).
• Lenses, Lens Choice and Focal Lengths.
• Essential Equipment: Filters, Tripods, Accessories – what’s worth buying and what’s not.
• Essential Accessories: Memory Cards, remotes etc.
• Understanding and controlling Exposure.
• Aperture and shutter speeds, what are they and how do they affect the image.
• The advantages of using the manual versus auto.
• Shooting in changing light (including night photography).
• How ISO works and how to take pictures in low light.
• Understanding White Balance for more accurate colour in-camera.
• How to shoot fast moving subjects.
• How to shoot Portraits.
• How to shoot fireworks.
• How to shoot cityscapes and Landscapes.
• How to shoot Sunrise/Sunset.


• Your DSLR or mirrorless camera with lens.
• Batteries and memory cards.
• A notebook and pen, if you wish to take notes.
• Bring your happiness and positivity.
• Be ready and willing to learn and grow your photography skills.


Our One-to-One sessions are delivered to you as an individual rather than a group. These tuitions allow for a more personalized approach to learning and can be tailored to suit your specific needs, interests and skill level. Whether you are a complete novice or wanting to learn more advanced techniques, we can help you to understand the basics, answer your questions and spend valuable time guiding you as you take photos and advise you on the results. A major advantage of our one-on-one training is that it offers the perfect platform for raising queries that you have been seeking answers for and are unable to find researching online or watching videos. It’s like having your own personal trainer that caters to your taste and instantly answers all your questions. These sessions are conducted at our office in Brisbane City but for convenience, we can even come to your home, place of business or a location of your choice (Brisbane area only).


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