Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Brisbane Photographic Workshops (hereafter the “group”). The group is operated by Hallmark Photography Brisbane and the business is owned by Codesglobal Pty Ltd. A registered Australia company operational under Australian Business Number (ABN) 54604993080. You agree that on joining this group and attending any event with us (including but not limited to courses, tutorials, sessions, website products, or photo shoots), that you have read, understood and agree to all the below terms and conditions.



course registration or booking fees must be paid in full by the invoice due date to confirm your place in the course. Once payment has been received, you will be sent an email confirmation of receipt of your payment.



  • A refund will be processed if a course is canceled by us or if the course is re-scheduled by us and you are unable to attend on the new date.
  • A refund would be provided in the form of account funds on our website and can be utilized for future bookings.
  • Not showing up for a course would not be considered as a cancellation and no refunds would be provided for the same.
  • Cancellation by participants must be made in writing by email or online via our website. If you cancel your paid booking prior to seven (7) days of the course date, the course fee will be refunded less 50% of the fee.
  • No refund is available if you cancel within seven (7) of the course date. Deposits paid to secure bookings at courses, events, retreats, and tours are non-refundable unless the event is canceled by us.
  • The group or the organizer is not responsible for any other costs which course participants may have incurred including but not limited to travel, car rental, insurance, photographic purchases and/or rentals.



If you have booked and paid for a course and are unable to attend on the course date, and if another similar course is offered at the time of transfer, you can choose to transfer your booking to the next course. If the subsequent course is canceled by the group, you will be eligible to receive a refund.

Please note that bookings cannot be transferred within seven (7) days of the course date.



  • Gift vouchers for our courses are to be redeemed only for courses offered solely by our website, including small group courses, 1-on-1 courses and weekend photography retreats. Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for photography tours or photography courses and classes offered by other photographers and on-sold via this website.
  • Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash or payment credit, nor are refunds available if you are unable to use a gift voucher. Gift vouchers may be transferred to another person but you will need to inform us of the transfer in writing prior to the expiry date of the voucher.
  • Gift vouchers may be used as part or full payment for a course or course on offer. Vouchers may be used against multiple courses/courses if the amount on the voucher allows this. If course or course fees are more than the amount on the voucher, then the bearer of the voucher must pay the difference.
  • All course bookings made using a gift voucher must be made before the gift voucher expiry date.



All course schedules and plans are subject to change at our discretion depending upon weather, health and safety considerations, or any other factor related or unrelated to photographic opportunities as we see fit.



  • Our group accepts no liability for death, illness or injury or loss or damage to photo equipment or personal belongings during the course of the course or in transit thereto.
  • If you join us for any event, you are responsible for your own preparedness and well-being. You are responsible to research the event and bring appropriate gear and be in a suitable state of fitness to attend. The group and/or Organiser does not provide liability insurance for the protection of individuals who participate in any of its events.
  • You agree not to hold the group or its Organiser, Co-Organisers or Contractors responsible for any injuries that may happen at an event or in the future as a result of your participation in the event, and will hold no-one else liable in case of injury or damage to yourself or others, whether physical, reputational or any other type of injury or damage.
  • This release extends and applies to, and also covers and includes, all unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated and unsuspected occurrences, incidents or accidents of any kind and severity that may lead to, but are not limited to, injuries, damages, loss and/or liability, or for any legal action of any type for activities conducted or locations accessed for an event.
  • You have the right and the responsibility not to participate in any activity or part of the event that you are uncomfortable with or feel may cause you harm in any way (including, but not limited to physical or reputational harm) and agree to raise your concerns directly with the Organiser.
  • You are responsible for your own equipment and you should have adequate insurance to cover any damage that may occur through your fault or the fault of others (including but not limited to the Organiser, Co-Organisers, Contractors or participants) at any activity of this group. Should you cause damage to someone else’s equipment or to the location being used, you and not the Organiser, Co-Organisers or Contractors are responsible for negotiating with and compensating the person who suffered the loss.

Your attendance at any group event signifies that you have read and accept the terms of this liability waiver. By signing up for any group event you understand that you are attending the event of your own free will and at your own risk.


The group Organiser obtains model releases from models that covers all the attendees at the event.

Models have also agreed to attend the event for the stated duration only and not stay longer than booked for. Please do not request extended shooting time directly with any model, but only through the event Organiser. Additional fees will apply for extended shooting time (if this is possible) to cover the model’s cost.


Photographs you take at any group events may only be used for your own personal, social media and website portfolios. You also agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Your photographs are not to be used for any commercial purposes (i.e. generating income by selling copies or rights), magazine submissions, competition entries, or advertising.
  • If any photographs you take are determined by the Organiser to be of an inappropriate nature, you will delete the identified photos on request. Any participant taking inappropriate photographs will be asked to leave the group event immediately, with no refund being provided.
  • By signing up for any event, you agree and give your permission for any photographs and/or recordings that may include you to be used by the Organiser for any advertising purposes on any suitable medium as determined by the Organiser.

Photographs you take at group events may be posted on the relevant Meetup gallery on the group page.



You agree to maintain a professional approach when working with the models, Organiser, Co-Organisers, Contractors and all other participants of an event. If you do not at the judgment and discretion of the Organiser or Co-Organiser, you will comply with a request to leave without expecting any refund.

You agree that if you feel uncomfortable in any way from any part of or as a result of any actions of any participant at this group shoot, you will immediately raise your concerns with the Organiser or a Co-Organiser.

As the group Organiser sources models from modeling agencies and freelancers, the Organiser will advise of the best way to communicate and send images to the model after the shoot.


  • Everyone is welcome and expected to be respectful to others. We are all here to learn in a fun and supportive environment. Inappropriate behavior or discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • By participating in the group/events/courses you are confirming that you are at least 18 years old. You are fully responsible for your behavior and the group or the organizers are not liable for your safety or your actions during the events/courses.
  • The contents of this page may be subject to change without notice when necessary and appropriate, for instance, to edit text or update the relevant information.
  • Unsolicited messages with commercial intent or spam, or any messages containing offensive language or harassment, or unwanted contents will be removed and members posting such messages will be blocked and reported.



Changes may be applied to these Terms and Conditions at any time at the discretion of the Organiser or Co-Organisers. It is the responsibility of group members to regularly check these Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please message the Organiser directly.



In reserving a place on the course by paying the course fee, you are agreeing to accept all the above conditions. The person who makes the booking does so on behalf of all the individuals included, and all are bound by the booking conditions.